Wedding checkup: The afterglow

Black and white wedding portrait

Believe it or not, this Friday marks the 6-month anniversary of our wedding day. And what an adventurous, exciting six months it has been. I have to admit, it has felt great to not have to think about weddings or planning or people pleasing. I have felt so free these past six months. I’ve heard other wedding publications refer to the ‘post-wedding blues’ where brides actually get depressed when their wedding day is over, but I’ve felt nothing but a sense of relief and unwavering happiness. That next morning (after about 4 hours of sleep) I remember thinking: We did it. It was awesome. Now we can move on.

Did some things go wrong on our wedding day? Well, of course. But it wasn’t anything major. For example, as I was looking through photos of our reception space a month after the wedding, I realized that each vase in our centerpieces was supposed to have two tulips, not one. And one day it just hit me that our DJ forgot to announce that my parents got engaged on Valentine’s Day 30-something years ago or that my grandparent’s wedding anniversary was that following Saturday on February 21st. But what can you do? Did anyone notice? Did it affect anyone’s good time? No. You shrug and move on.

When I think back to my wedding day, all I remember is pure joy. I felt like a 17-year-old running around on prom night, dancing with all of my friends, screaming songs at the top of our lungs, and having the perfect partner grab me by the waist every time a slow song came on, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. As everyone predicts, the details fade away, but what you’re feeling that day will stay with you forever.

So do I have any regrets? Absolutely not. But I have had time to reflect on the decisions we’ve made and would like to share first-hand experience for future brides planning their big day. Here’s a list of what I think were the best decisions we made, and some things I may suggest you do differently.
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Wedding checkup: 2 weeks to go

indian ladder engagement photo

Guys. This can’t be real. Our wedding is in two weeks? Huh? How did that happen? I’m not freaking out, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m genuinely not worried or stressed about anything, or because I just haven’t acknowledged the fact that our wedding is seriously, literally, only two weeks from today. I’ve seen a lot of editorial content and sales related to Valentine’s Day pop up and I think to myself, “Aw, I love Valentine’s Day. Wow, I guess that is coming up already.”


Oh yeah, I forgot.

It’s just that I’m so used to waiting. My biggest fear is that my wedding nightmare will come true where I wake up on my wedding day and forget that it’s my wedding day. With the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised! Luckily, I’ll have all 8 of my best friends sleeping over, so they’ll remind me.

Anyways, here’s where we are with our to-do list. Lots of stuff crossed off, plus a couple more things added. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect lengthening waterproof mascara, so if you have any suggestions, please send them my way!

  1. Call church to get baptismal certificates
  2. Initial layout for table numbers
  3. Put together seating chart
  4. Finalize table numbers
  5. Create escort cards
  6. Complete DJ paperwork
  7. Apply for marriage license
  8. Purchase & package hotel welcome bags
  9. Purchase & package bathroom baskets – taken off my plate! My lovely sister-in-law offered to do this for us 🙂
  10. Coordinate lunch for wedding party day of wedding
  11. Finalize ceremony readings & music
  12. Final meeting with DJ
  13. Final meeting with photographers
  14. Create signature drink signage
  15. Wrap wedding party gifts
  16. Finalize rehearsal dinner details
  17. Make playlist for rehearsal dinner
  18. Send wedding weekend timeline to wedding party and family
  19. Finalize honeymoon details & print out paperwork
  20. Pack for honeymoon!
  21. Practice dancing with my Dad and with MPR
  22. Pack for the night before the wedding to make sure I don’t forget anything
  23. Buy the perfect, lengthening, waterproof mascara
  24. Drop off vases, fillers and lights to florist
  25. Pick up dress
  26. Drop off reception decor at Key Hall

Wedding checkup: 1 month to go

Engagement picture Babylon

Remember that lovely long stretch I had of stress-free wedding planning? Well, it turns out that may have been the calm before the storm. We are getting married in one month. 30 days. There’s only 5 weekends in between now and our wedding to get things done. I had a minor freak out this past weekend – which, for me means that I just sat there and did nothing because I was overwhelmed and unsure of where to start – but then MPR sat down with me and physically wrote out a master to-do list. It’s silly, but getting everything out of our brains and onto paper really helped to free up some thinking space and my stress level has been steadily descending as we attack the line items one by one.
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Wedding checkup: 4 months to go

Upstate New York Engagement PhotoWe all know that at the six month mark I was freaking out. But if at six months I was Everyday Beyoncé, then at four months I’m Sasha Fierce. I have this wedding down. When I was getting overwhelmed, I made a to-do list of everything we have left to do. Then, in the past two months, we have powered through it. I’m on top of the wedding world. I can honestly say that now, most nights after work I am free to relax and stalk our registries to watch the gifts disappear one by one. Could it be possible that this is the calm before the storm? Perhaps, but I’d like to think that the worst is behind us as we get more & more excited each day.
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Wedding checkup: 6 months to go

Today marks 6 months until our wedding.

Wait, what?

Yes, six months from today we are getting married. I really can’t believe it. I will admit that the first year of our engagement went very slowly (downfall of a long engagement), but this year is flashing by. It barely even feels like summer anymore. The mornings when I walk to work are crisp and our nights are getting chilly. It’s getting darker earlier every night and I’m craving caramel apples and cider doughnuts. It’s hard to believe that we took our second set of engagement photos almost a year ago and the save the dates I ordered one year ago were mailed out earlier this month. Today while my iPod was on shuffle, a Christmas song came on and I almost didn’t skip it. Almost.
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Wedding checkup: 8 months to go

This past Sunday marked 8 months until our wedding day. Considering we started out with a 24-month engagement, I can’t believe we’re here already! The summer is kicking into high gear with weddings, BBQs, and weekend trips, and before we know it we’ll be apple picking and prepping for the holidays. So I’m using this time to check in with myself to make sure we’re on track and getting everything done. So many tasks I’ve bookmarked or pushed aside for later because it was too early to finalize it, but the time has finally come.
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