Tote-ally spoiled

City dog

I never thought I would be one of those girls who carries around her dog in a large purse a la Paris Hilton, but life is full of surprises and here we are. Rufio is not the best walker yet, nor has he gotten all of his vaccines, so I decided to buy this Lands End Canvas Tote Pet Carrier for when we’re walking around town. I also think it will come in handy when we travel home for the holidays.

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Good finds

Carve pumpkin

R is for Ryan & Rufio

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. I think it’s a combination of the crisp fall weather, scary movies on TV, and all the candy! This year was a little low key for us. We didn’t dress up (although we did dress up Rufio as Rufio), but we carved a pumpkin, baked pumpkin spice cookies, and hung out with new friends. It was a nice farewell to my favorite month, and now that it’s November I’m excited for my upcoming trip home for my sister-in-law’s baby shower and our trip to Long Island and Albany for Christmas and New Year’s. We even started our holiday shopping already! How many days until I can put up our Christmas tree again? In the meantime, here’s five good finds from the past week:

  1. How to Write a Novel and Keep Your Day Job: Here’s a good read for anyone who dreams of publishing a novel (apparently 60% of us do). If the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Fellow at the Washington think tank, the Center for Global Development, can do it – so can you!
  2. QUIZ: Which nostalgic pop punk song are you?: I got “My Friends Over You” by New Found Glory. Best. Quiz. Ever. Thanks Alt Press!
  3. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution: I found these amazing free dog training videos on YouTube that have been SO helpful with Rufio. These videos can replace puppy training classes, which keeps a few extra dollars in our pockets. (thumbs up!)
  4. How Kate Hudson Became the Ultimate Role Model: The easiest way to describe my favorite genre of movies is, Kate Hudson Movies. I love everything she’s been in, from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, to Raising Helen, to The Skeleton Key. She may not be known for her acting, but her sunshine-y personality is contagious. In this article she gives advice to career girls.
  5. The 15 Classic Pieces Every Woman Needs in her Wardrobe: Quality classics > large quantities of fast fashion. Add to shopping list – cashmere sweater, nude pumps, and jean jacket.


Dog Halloween costume

10 things every confident woman has

10 things confident women have

An article I often refer back to is 8 things every happy woman should have on Thought Catalog. Not because I’m questioning my happiness, but because it’s kind of fun to check back periodically and see if/how my answers have changed.

While the article states that “happy” women have these 8 simple things, I think that it has more to do with confidence and self-assurance. It’s describing women who know who they are and what they like. I believe that once you have this down, you exude confidence, and confidence translates to happiness and contentment.

So I decided to make my own version of this list and fill in my answers. Feel free to share your answers in the comments below!
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Rufio & the pumpkin

Poochon puppy with pumpkin

We missed apple picking season this year because it was so short. I’m not sure if the summer heat affected crops nationwide, but in the Charlotte area, pick-your-own only lasted about two weekends. That is one of the things I miss about New York – apple orchards, fresh cider, and hot donuts. It was a fall tradition that I always looked forward to. However, we’ve found ways around it, including Duck Donuts (their cinnamon sugar donuts taste exactly like the cider donuts at home), and we picked up a pumpkin to get in the fall spirit.

‘How cute would it be to take pictures of Rufio with the pumpkin?’ we thought. The only catch was that an 11-week-old puppy does not care about sitting pretty for an Instagram snap. He’d prefer to chew off the pumpkin’s stem and run around the courtyard.

So here’s what we got. And they’re actually even better than if he had sat perfectly in the first place. Because he’s a puppy, not a prop.

Happy Halloween!
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Good finds

Pink donut

Pink donut I picked up after donating bras to a women’s shelter for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In a recent group text I told my friends, “I love the Internet.” And I really do. Every morning I take a scroll through Twitter and Facebook for good content, and then take a peek at Instagram for pretty pictures. Every day I always find the best articles and want to share them with everyone. I RT like crazy, but tweets have such a short shelf life. I wanted a new platform to share my good Internet finds. Enter this new blog series: good finds.

Here are my first five picks:

  1. Tough Love: The Advertising Business is Hard: A great article about the reality of working in advertising/marketing. Jonathan Cude says, “Most people getting into this business are unprepared for the level of disappointment and rejection they’re going to encounter, even at the best of creative agencies. Why is it so crucial for students to know this? Because resilience, and the ability to cope with disappointment, is the single most defining characteristic that will determine their success.”
  2. Ashley Brooke Designs Holiday Collection: ABD has released her 2015 holiday collection with a mix of mugs and notepads, and all of the pieces are the cutest! Dear Santa, I’ll take the “I’ve got my love to keep me warm” mug. I swear I’ve been good!
  3. Andrew McMahon reveals the real story behind Something Corporate’s “Konstantine”: The world now makes sense. And we finally understand his ramblings in the middle verses!
  4.  Liberty Tabletop Formal Dining Etiquette Infographic: Whether you’re hosting a holiday this season or meeting the parents for the first time, this cute infographic has all of your dining etiquette questions covered. I know I never learned this stuff in school!
  5. Kate Spade One in a Million Business Card Holder: I picked up this adorable business card holder during Kate Spade’s friends & family sale. Keeping all of my cards in this cute case is much easier than trying to fish one out from the bottom of my purse – plus, it’s monogrammed!


The 10 stages of becoming a dog mom


Over the past few weeks, I have gone from normal 20-something career girl to full blown crazy puppy mom. Rufio is all I think about all day, my phone is filled with pictures of him, and I keep a mental list of questions to ask the vet. I care more about his quality of food than my own, go into mama bear mode when we encounter other dogs, and I attempt to compare my puppyhood experiences to what the new mommies in the office are going through. (In my head – I heard new moms don’t like it when you compare their babies to dogs.)

It’s safe to say that Rufio has turned my life upside down, and while it has been physically and emotionally draining, I could never go back to the way we were. Here are the 10 stages of adopting a new puppy, as experienced by us:

1. When you see your new puppy for the first time

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Redefining success

Cold Tangerines

Lately I’ve been asking for patience. Adopting a puppy was more work than I anticipated, and sometimes I forget that he’s just that – a puppy. He’s growing & learning, and when he makes a mistake, it doesn’t mean that I did anything wrong or that I’m not training him correctly. It’s just what puppies do. This took me a while to grasp, but now that I have, I notice and experience the joy in the little moments of each day.
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