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Are you new to Perfection to Detail? Never fear! Let’s get you jumpstarted with these most popular posts:

Wedding Posts

  1. 5 things I learned in my first year of engagement
  2. 10 tips to plump your piggy bank
  3. The pros and cons of a long engagement
  4. A no-nonsense guide to wedding budget planning & management
  5. Do I really need a wedding theme?
  6. 10 ways to upcycle your engagement photos
  7. How to throw a display shower
  8. How to deal with wedding trolls (unedited)
  9. DIY vintage suitcase card box
  10. The secret to defusing bridezilla moments
  11. How we hacked $10k off our wedding budget

PR Girl Posts

  1. Ribbon cutting ceremony planning checklist
  2. How to plan a ribbon cutting ceremony, part 2
  3. Tiny apartment organization: dresser top
  4. 8 wisdom nuggets from Lean In
  5. I’m sorry for saying sorry when I’m really not

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