#GIRLBOSS gift guide

girlboss gift guide

Call me old fashioned, but I love practical gifts. Something that will bring joy to the recipient every day. That’s why some of my favorite gifts to give and receive are pretty candles and fun mugs. There’s something luxurious about lighting a candle in the evening, and I love having brightly-colored mugs to wake up my morning cups of tea. I’m not a fan of saving something for ‘special occasions’ – I believe that we should indulge a little each day. Gifts don’t need to be expensive (everything on this list is under $30), but they can help make our days a little fancier.

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5 people to thank in your professional life

5 people to thank in your professional life

As we gather around the table this Thursday and eat into a turkey, mashed potato, and gravy coma, we’ll undoubtedly take a moment to reflect on the basics that we’re thankful for: family, friends, food, and good health, to name a few. But even though the focus of the season is on our home lives, it’s important to give thanks to the key people in our professional lives, too.

Take a few hours over the 4-day weekend to reflect on the past year, put together a list, and start writing out little notes of gratitude.

Tip: You’ll want to get these notes in the mail by the second week of December at the latest in order to reach people before they head out for the holidays.
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How to be the most informed girl at the water cooler

When I first enrolled in undergrad, I declared my major as journalism. I loved to write, and I loved to play anchor in front of the green screen in our broadcast studio, but the problem was that I didn’t love the news. Especially local news. I wish I did. I wish I could be the next Sloan Sabbith who is brilliant and educated and informed, but the truth was, I was more like Andie Anderson – Composure’s how-to girl – and I wasn’t passionate enough about the news to put in the work at the local level to get up to Sloan Sabbith’s level. At the end of college, I realized that I could not, in fact, live out a Kate Hudson rom-com (mostly because I had no connections in the New York publishing world, or any money to live there), and turned to PR.

With all that being said, I know that we can’t survive on information solely from girlie magazines and lifestyle blogs. I also know that staying informed is a big part of being successful in PR. But I can honestly say that I don’t have that news junkie gene to stay up on anything that doesn’t interest or affect me/a client directly. However, I do have the drive to prevent myself from becoming the Joey of the friend group – admit it, we’ve all had at least one of those moments.

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I’m sorry for saying sorry when I’m really not


When I was in seventh grade, there was a girl in my class who constantly said sorry, to everyone, about everything, even when she was talking to herself. It was a knee-jerk reaction, how she responded to questions, comments, and started conversations. It got to the point where teachers and classmates would blurt out, exasperated, “Stop saying you’re sorry!”

She apologized.

Nearly 15 years later, she’s instantly who I thought of when I watched Pantene’s Not Sorry #ShineStrong video.
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The pressure of perfection

It's exhausting being perfect

When I was in high school, I didn’t care about much other than my creative writing classes and having a good time. When not talking with my friends in class, in the hall, at field hockey, track practice, or after school on AIM, I was mostly a) writing, or b) planning before and after prom festivities (&homecoming, &winter formal, &weekends). My first semester of college was much of the same, except my social calendar then revolved around house parties and bar parties. It wasn’t until halfway through my first semester when I received my mid-term grades that I got a wake-up call. I remember turning to my friend in my dorm room (that we affectionately named “the bachelorette pad” because my roommate dropped out after three days and I pushed the two twin extra-long beds together and draped them with hot pink bedding for three glorious weeks) and saying, “Okay, I need to pull myself together.”

I knew that all of my far reaching dreams – becoming an editor at Cosmopolitan, becoming a power-hungry PR girl in NYC, writing a book – would never happen if I continued on this track. I was a girl on a mission. I was motivated to earn an A on every paper and a 100 on every exam. I turned it around and made dean’s list that semester, and every following semester until I graduated magna cum laude four years later.
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